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New GIG Poster

I chose to change my poster to more of a pop art genre and I was influence by Peter Max. I like his art work because of the color he use it so color and vibrant.


Vector Portrait

Pattern Brush

Art event #10

34, 22, 34 remind me of the song Baby Got Back, but it is also the title of Sierra Lansing photo. I really enjoy this photo because it was very artistic. Even though it was a photo of naked women with a hideous mask on, it was a well taken photo. The background and the photo make the viewer in shock but feel sympathy for the person in the photo. The thing I like most of the photo is the model in the photo is the artist herself. She believes in women right and does not want to use any other women for this photo so she decided to take a picture of herself. I believe that art can be use for anything just for it just to be pretty. It could make a person thing, start a movement or even just tell a story about the artist itself. I hope one day my artwork could make someone thing of what I was going through at the time when I make that piece of art.

Art event #9

I went to go visit the artwork by Brittany Galante in the art building. I really like the art work she had on display. I think is very artistic and very well spoken. The title of these four artwork is call “Letting Go” and she write that because she couldn’t  let go of certain items in her life she was not be able to be happy, though these artwork she would able to let go and just be happy. I think that really meaningful and  it something most of us go through that we kept some type of sadness in our live not be able to let it go  until some self realization.


I like how our artwork became from dark to light the color was really well have a lot of contrast in it. I think this something I can use in my artwork is to have very contrast color and create artwork from the heart. I think if an artist create something from the heart it turn out better because they put their mind and soul into it. Something that is hard for marketing major because most of our art work is for our client.

Image Prevalent

1. Why do you think the reproduction of image is so prevalent in the world today?

The reproduction of is so wide spend in today society because the use of the internet and it and it is easier to see other people artwork and to duplicate it. I think to some people if people like their art they would be replicated as flattery.

2. What do you think this prevalence bodes for the future of graphic design and your place in it?

I think is it harder for a graphic design to create works that is truly there because it is so easy to be influence by other person artwork that they might not realized they use part of it for their own. Another thing because it is so easy to copy artwork, it is easy for something to copy your own art. The internet makes it easier to see if someone is copying your work, but it is also a tool from them to see it. I think it harder to become a creative graphic designer in today society.

3. Why do you think the John McCain drive for the presidency failed to use the Internet (or failed to use it effectively) as a means of communicationing with voters?

In today society everyone is using the internet for everything. The idea of social media is still a new concept in the last election, so it is not uncommon for older gentlemen like John McCain not to use effective like President Obama. People go online more than other type of media, so to be able to captivate the audience online is something that the next president election should look at.




Good and Bad layouts

Layout is very important to a graphic artist. Bad layout makes it hard for the reader/viewer to see what message you want to get across. Bad layouts normally have fonts that are hard to read, no contrast in color between the word and the background. Another thing that bad layout have in common is that there is too verbiages going on the page. The two examples below or some bad layout that make the reader don’t want to put the time and effort to read it.

On the other hand good layout, make it easier for the reader to read. It normally only have a few contrasts color on the page. The fonts are easy to read and the heading and subheading are normally different from the actual text. Letting the reader know what important.

Art Event #8

I really enjoy my visit to the Museum of Photographic Arts.  I always enjoy taking picture of scenery, candid picture and especially food. I would like to travel the world with a camera and just take picture of random things.  I saw something really unique picture at the museum from different type of angle that I could someday imitate in my own photograph. They were all so nice that I don’t think I can pick a favorite photograph. There were picture in black and white, mostly in costly but some only has many shade of one color. I appreciate seeing the photo being printed out. I take so many pictures, but they mostly stay on my laptop or hard drive and I forget of some of my favorite one because I don’t have time of money to print it out and put them in frame. I think after this museum instead of buying card and post card wherever I go. I can just make them with the picture I take. It would give a more thoughtful meaning to the people I sent it to too.